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High performance hot storage made affordable.

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Extremely Robust

20x9s of Data Durability
11x9s of Data Availability

Support all File Format

Use Bifrost storage to store any file format, including video or large data streaming

Lowest Price

Lowest cost on the market. Know of a lower cost? Message us, we will beat it!

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Pricing Comparison

See your price with Bifrost compared with AWS, Azure and GCP

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Azure Blob

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300+ edge servers

Instant Worldwide Deployment

Depending on where your customers are located, we can quickly setup extra portal servers near the region of your choice.

Flexible Infrastructure

With Bifrost's distributed ecosystem design, we are able to lower storage costs by a significant amount compared with other existing services by avoiding traditional datacenter infrastructures.

What Our Customers Say

" delivers blockchain content to Asian blockchain communities. Bifrost Cloud has been very easy to use and their support team goes above and beyond to help us with integration and migration."

Mingwei S.

"We used to use Microsoft Azure, after switching to Bifrost Cloud we were able to slash our monthly bill down to 1/10 compared to before."

Vincent X.

" needs to deliver large amounts of data across the globe. Bifrost lets us provide that experience while staying within our budget. Definitely recommend it to all companies who stream data."

Mike Y.


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